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Use our virtual temporary phone numbers from United States to receive SMS for free. Receive verification and registration codes from most popular services using US SMS phone numbers. Registration is not required. Just choose any US phone number from the list below.

All numbers above are temporary phone numbers from United States, some people call them fake US phone numbers, but those numbers are 100% percent real and can be used to receive SMS online from any other phone number based in United States, as well as most of other international numbers. This page is and will be updated with new US phone numbers, whenever numbers listed above will expire. We will add new US numbers according to your demand.

Please note that these phone numbers from United States, should not be used to receive any important and personal information or any other data that must remain private. Any person with access to the internet can read all text messages sent to those US numbers.

Keep in mind that these US phone numbers are temporary and should be treated as disposable phone numbers. Those numbers will be automatically inactivated and removed after set period of time (about 1 month).

If you see that on of ours US phone numbers is blocked in some service, just try using another one and let us know that which number from United States needs replacing.

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