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Use our virtual disposable phone numbers to receive SMS for free. Receive verification codes from all popular services. Just choose phone number country from the list below.

About i Receive SMS

We are working on a possibility of bringing secure and private phone numbers to everyone, no matter their location, device or IP address. With a service that allows you to receive SMS online with publicly accessible phone numbers, you can stop worrying about data breaches in sketchy or unsecure companies, that would lead to harassing calls, and just use our number for registration and verification processes. With a power to receive SMS online you could be free from unwanted phone calls.

Free Service for receiving SMS online

iReceiveSMS is free and will always continue to be. There is no charge for receiving SMS online and we do not limit anything! You can receive as many messages as you want, and it is still free. If you find iReceiveSMS useful, feel free to share it with friends.

Made for your phone number privacy

Our service is designed to ensure everyone's access to phone number privacy. Using iReceiveSMS there is no need to expose your personal phone number online. Utilize one of our phone numbers to keep yourself risk and breach free. We do not require registration nor request any personal data. We remove all old messages after set period of time.

Instant and reliable results

Received messages are processed and displayed on our website in real-time, thanks to our reliable servers and virtual phone cloud infrastructure. To make your experience even more reliable and allow you to receive activation and verification codes from your favorite services we are constantly adding new phone numbers, as well as making sure everything works smooth and is always up to date. All you need to do is refresh our page.

Services for "Receiving SMS Online" - Frequently Asked Questions

I can't find a phone number in my country

If you can't find your country's phone number, we recommend to check back later as we keep on adding new numbers from new countries. As our site is growing, our goal is to is to enable you to receive free online SMS from around the world.

What is disposable and virtual phone number?

Virtual phone numbers are numbers that work only online allowing receiving calls and SMS programmatically. Virtual phone numbers are disposable in such a way that they can be easily replaced with another one.

Do i need to register or give you any of my date to receive SMS?

No, all you need is a computer or mobile device with web browser and internet connection. You can use our service without any restrictions.

Do you block specific services or remove messages?

Every message we receive is instantly visible on corresponding phone number's page. However, sometimes messages might be blocked by senders, in which case you should try using another number.

What is an online SMS receive service?

You can find many of such a services online. Their main goal is to allow users to receive SMS online without exposing user's private phone numbers. These services are very useful for registration in online services that require phone number verification. Some services charge customers for receiving SMS online, however iReceiveSMS is completely free and there are no hidden fees.